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Kick Ass Pussy Pump - Pink image

Kick Ass Pussy Pump - Pink

As seen in "Honey, We Blew Up Your Pussy!"

Presenting the most exciting scientific break-through of the 21st century! Ladies, use the patented Kick Ass Pussy Pump to blow up your pussy to gigantic proportions. Amaze your husband or boyfriend with the look and feel of huge, puffy lips. This is the same pump we use in our award-winning video series, "Honey, We Blew Up Your Pussy!" So you know it works!! Why Blow up your pussy? Some women report increased sensitivity, and men report increased tightness. No matter how you slice it, the Kick Ass Pussy Pump will add spice to your relationship. (Or fun to your solo adventures!) The Free Lube will help ensure a smooth pumping process. And the Free Demonstration DVD will show you how it's done, step by step. Join the craze that's sweeping the nation and start blowing up your pussy today!

  • One Size Fits All
  • Free Demonstration DVD
  • Free Wet Lube Included

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Honey, We Blew Up Your Pussy  See More Videos

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